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How To Become An Interior Designer

One that is equally exciting to do in the line of architecture besides designing how a property, a building, or home would look like from the outside is interior designing. The exterior wouldn’t get worked out if not for the interior design that intricately works side-by-side the architects and engineers. And also, a great deal of energy is owed to the interior of a room.

So what does it take to be owed of this much credit? Surely one should comply with a widely-known training standard as any building or structure should be made safe and secure.

Here’s how you can get the dream job and become an interior designer:

Know Your Passion

Some people are just gifted when it comes to arranging furniture in the house, solving a puzzle, interested in more than decorating, and utilizing space. While there are many signs on how you would know if interior designing is for you, get familiar with the different sectors of interior design. Find what you’d like to specialize in and envision how you want to write down your plan.

Interior Design involves seven elements and assuring the balance of these elements is the centre of the course. There’s:

  • Line
  • Space
  • Forms
  • Light
  • Colour
  • Texture
  • Pattern

It also consists of the subject of logic, colour theory, computer-aided drafting,

ethics, graphic communication, history of architecture and interior design, and math. If there’s one that you think never sat right as you read those, don’t waste your time.

Plan It Out

You have decided and know that not making it happen will make you rot inside. You’ve done your research, and have balanced out the budget you need to have fulfilled the four years of interior designer education.

Interior Decorator vs. Interior Designer

It’s not necessary to hold a bachelor’s degree to be an interior decorator. However, it doesn’t hurt if you’ll go for additional knowledge in the field if you treat this to be your element. You can go for a two-year program while other courses make it available. For example, if you study architecture, there’s certainly a time that you would need to get educated around interior designing as both of these work intimately in the real world. So, if you have the talent, the time, and the money, what’s stopping you?

Get Accredited

According to, interior designers earn a median salary of $46,629 as of March 26, 2020, with a range between $36,977 to $51,137. In America, this accounts for a minimum of four GCSE A-C passes or an equivalent to a Level 2 qualification. BTEC First Diploma in Art & Design also counts. You may also want to consider BTEC Level 3 courses if you are into attaining higher education courses like HND, foundation degree or degree courses.

In general, a four-year bachelor’s degree program gets a lead to something right in terms of employment and satisfactory wage rate. Master’s degree programs take a couple of years, but most considerations are based on being licensed.

Obtain a License

the interior of an interior design firm

Earning a diploma as a Bachelor in Interior Design is one step achieved. The next is to go for licensure as you build your reputation and portfolio. Be reminded that doing pro bono projects could be helpful. Clients are more likely to trust a licensed interior designer. Also, commercial buildings would require somebody who knows how to work the theories with the architects and engineers. Once you have your license, starting work with an interior design firm can only expand your network of opportunities.

Keep Up With Industry Specific Trends

While establishing your reputation, obtaining a network of clients and

referrers, and owning a vast portfolio, sets you soaring in the business, what will help you sustain it would be continued education. Keep abreast with the latest styles and versions of the CAD you’re using. Recently, 3D rendering had become handy for overseas clients, some are starting to embrace minimalism, and the emergence of smart appliances are becoming a basis for interior design. You should not only keep up with innovations and changing lifestyle, but you should also keep your ideas fresh and timeless. And in different types of design as well, even kitchen interior design has its own set of rules to make or break.

Do take your time in understanding design concepts. Follow some of your favourite designers so that you could curb a specific model for yourself on how you want to succeed as an interior designer.