office layout

Layout Impact Organizational Success.

The office environment has powerful energy and is a catalyst for motivating employee engagement. Studies have shown that employees with the highest levels of engagement are the most satisfied with their office environment, and similarly, employees with the lowest levels of satisfaction with the office environment have the lowest levels of engagement.

The advantage of the simulated office layout is to mobilize the enthusiasm of various production units and to solve the problem of too large a company that is difficult to manage. The senior management assigned part of the power to the production units, reducing their administrative affairs, thus focusing their energy on strategic issues.

The activities of each department or unit are easy to understand as the full picture of the enterprise, and there is a smooth flow of information throughout the scaler chain of different managerial levels.

A Good Corporate Layout

The office environment is the image of a company. How should the office be laid out? First, we must pay more attention to the color matching of the office when decorating a relatively small office. We can choose a neutral color or a lighter color. It seems that the overall space will be larger, and complementary colors can be used to decorate office furniture and walls. The second is the choice of desks and chairs for office decoration design. We should try our best to choose something that can store things so that one table can be used instead of two. The commercial fit out needs to be a well-placed and planned setting. We can put it in the corner, or we can choose the way of stitching the tables and chairs. This saves space, and the office will appear more spacious.

Benefits Of Decentralised Layout Of The Office

In recent years, the trend of decentralized decision-making has become more prominent, which is consistent with the management thinking that enables organizations to respond more flexibly and proactively. In large companies, grassroots managers are closer to the actual production and have a more detailed understanding of related issues than the senior managers. Therefore, large retail companies such as Sears and J.C. Penny have granted their store managers greater decision-making power in the selection of inventory goods. This allows their businesses to compete more effectively with local stores.

What Are The Points To Pay Attention To In-Office Layout Design?

The layout of the office is divided into areas, including the reception hall, office area, meeting room, reception room, general manager’s office, leisure area, etc. So for office spaces of different functionalities, how should the office space area be divided? The following major workplace points should be paid attention to,

  • General Manager’s Office usually, the general manager’s office is not close to the deputy manager’s office and respects the right, so the general manager’s office will be located on the right side of the company. Another reason is that the functions of the general manager and the deputy manager are different. The general manager is the person in charge of a company and plays a strategic role. The Deputy Manager handles various specific matters within the company.
  • The conference room is generally located in the innermost part of the company because the conference room often involves some of the company’s most confidential information, so it is set up for security and confidentiality.
  • Product Exhibition Hall: The product exhibition hall should be located on the left. This is also because people tend to walk to the right, so the product display should be located in a place where people don’t usually walk to avoid collision with the product.
  • Reception Area: The reception fitout is generally designed on the right side of the entrance. This is determined by people’s habits. Under normal circumstances, people will walk to the right when they enter a room, so the reception area should be on the right.