Perks of Writing Articles For Your Business

There are many reasons as to why you should be writing articles for your business. It may be for the benefit of your SEO digital marketing presence, being able to show up on google in higher search rankings will undoubtedly lead to potentially much more traffic for your site and your company. Other reasons may be to actually inform potential buyers, clients or customers on what it is that your company does. You may be a wire work manufacturing company who specialises in metal display stands for supermarkets or other retail stores. The company you work for may have a huge hand in art storage and delivery or the design of exhibition displays. As you can see from these two examples, there are quite a few different areas that your company can work within, so make sure you use this an opportunity to inform your buyers! You need to explain certain niches and other very specific business models from within your industry.

Writing articles based within your industry also offers you the chance to connect with your readers or audience on a personal level. If you work in an industry that is based around popular culture such as films, sports or music, writing opinion pieces based on upcoming films or albums, awards shows and championship games can help you reach a human level with the consumer. Doing this will prove you are much more than a company and have an actual interest in the industry. A more specific example of this more personal writing approach may be if you are a basketball based company. If you have a business revolving around basketball, there are many different types of specific areas you could align with, be that you are a sporting goods store, a basketball uniform manufacturing company or even just a basketball magazine company. You could write opinion pieces ranking the top 10 sneakers of the upcoming season or maybe just release the latest information on the adidas release calendar. It doesn’t matter what topic you choose to focus on, it’s just important to prove to your cliental that you are much more than a business, and know much more about the industry then they would expect.

The benefits of writing articles based on the industry your business belongs to will not only benefit your online presence, but can lead to extra sales and revenue for your company in the long run. Meaning that this could be a perfect representation of Return on Investment (ROI) and is also an opportunity for you to showcase your skills as a writer!

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The title or heading is important and is a very important part of the article as this is what is used to entice people to read the rest of the article. If the headline doesn’t encourage readers, then the whole article is useless. There are more than just words that go into the title or headline and there are so many ways to do this. Large amounts of text are difficult to read so you need to ensure you use subheadings to, so your article is broken up to more consumable pieces. Subheadings have the ability to introduce thing new or a new idea which allows the reader to skip to the part that is the most interesting to them. Subheadings should be used around every 400-500 words and can be used to indicate the importance.

Use short paragraphs and sentences

Short paragraphs and sentences are easier to read and understand. Big blocks are not approachable like short paragraphs are. This form of writing keeps it short and sweet, gets the reader straight to the point and doesn’t drag on as much as a larger piece would.

Use single line paragraphs that end up drawing in attention.

You want the readers eyes to be gently guided down the page so ensure you are using catchy headlines and easy to read content, so the readers naturally continue to read on. The use of images will also keep the reader’s eyes focused and excited to keep on reading.


Use bold and colour to make the content stand out from the rest.

A good formatting trick is to use colours and bold your writing to capture the eyes attention don’t use colours that strain the eyes like Fluro colouring, but reds and blues work well to capture attention. Use a font like italic which is a soft font and may not capture the eyes attention as something more like the bold as it naturally draws the eye to it and writing that is bolded is deemed important it read. Colour is important to as these help to break up each different section. If you have a crucial part to the article, then you can colour this to ensure people read that section. It is essential to use the colours that you have used in your blog and logo design.

Use the formatting tool

Short paragraphs, subheadings and colours are good to use but there are many different formatting options that help people to read text easier.

Here are a few formatting options that work well in articles

  • Use bullets for items not needing to be ordered
  • Numbers for following steps
  • Lists ordered by their importance
  • Indented paragraphs for testimonials and quotes
  • Large size fonts for headings
  • Add emphasis by underlining the text
  • Make posts different lengths

Write what the readers want to read

It is important to know exactly what content the readers want to be reading and ensure that you are delivering what they find important. You want a loyal audience that is engaged in your writing to ensure they don’t search for their products elsewhere. Don’t guess what they want instead ask them.

There are several ways to do this

  • Survey the readers
  • Study the competitors and see what they are doing correct
  • Ask customers what they want to read
  • Ask them to leave a comment with feedback after they read the article