Printing services for remarketing a brand

When it comes to rebranding yourself, it can be a hard process that is well worth it in the end. Considerations to think about before or during rebranding include the following. You must:

– Define your goals 

– Research how the competition is branding themselves. Ask yourself; what makes you different to them?

– Research by carrying out testing on others. What do they like about it? Can you bring those feelings into the promotion of your brand?

– Define your niche market. Have you determined what age group your product or service is suitable for? What gender are they? Are they on social media? How can your service or product help others?

– Without including social media, how are you conveying yourself most? Do you have a website? Is the information up to date? Are you managing the brand offline and online often? Do you use consistent brand colours and a brand voice?

This process includes defining your brand and its attributes, positioning the brand differently from your competition and managing the brand’s identity and all other aspects of it.

Company stationery

Solid company stationery gives your brand identity. Stationery can tell people exactly who you are. Envelopes and presentation folders, computer slips and letterheads are all great staples that you can have for your company. Ensure each item is branded so your message will be reinforced to the public.

Marketing Material

You can reveal your company to the public with speciality paper, custom sizes and personalised folders for the business collateral. You can apply raised print, shiny UV coatings, spot gloss, metallic inks, embossing/debossing and silver or gold foiling. Use these things to gain the wow factor that will draw in the attention. You have endless choices that are certainly not limited to our imagination.

Stickers & Labels

Stickers are quite popular, and they are becoming more desirable than ever because it means you have a way to brand absolutely anything. You can affix stickers to notebooks, cars, office spaces, bags, boxes, doors and windows. The stickers are easy to remove and can even be slipped into mailboxes or pinned to community notice boards for those who want one. Labels and sticker printing are another great printing service that proves to work.

Business cards

Your first impression is very important. Business cards offer plenty of simplified information for the public. Business cards give you the power to make a genuine impression and captivate the audience. Business card printing services range in designs, styles, and textures. They are a perfect asset for those who want to build their business and business relationships. 

Corporate and advertising

Catalogues, booklets, brochures and magazines are a great cross-selling tool. Folder customisation and ring binder folder printing set your business apart from others. They are a suggestive form of storytelling in regards to a company and they encourage customers to purchase through the use of persuasive messaging and imagery. This type of printing service will help to increase customer sales, retention and customer awareness.

Product packaging

Products are always being judged by their packaging design which is why you need to have the right printing service that can create packaging that will attract consumers to your brand over the competitors. You can create brand awareness just by making your products stand out from the rest and challenge your competition.

There are so many printing services that can work for you. Try one or try them all and see what can happen for you. If you have tried most of these services, consider approaching them differently.