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The Benefits of Working With The Elderly

Working within aged care or an industry that is directly connected to the elderly revolves around a two-sided relationship where, as important as they are to you as a patient, so you are to them as a caretaker.

Interacting with older people is a different experience altogether! The more you take care of them no matter the effort you will need to put, the better you will feel about everything in life actually. It is the satisfaction in seeing them smile warmly at you after you have helped them, and it gives you a feeling that you are a responsible young person of the society who is contributing to something valuable. But not everyone can do it you see. Sometimes you will need to seek further education like obtaining your certificate 3 in individual support or some form of aged care training.

aged care, caretaker, elderly

While caring for the elderly, it is important to be patient, responsible and alert at all times. Having a small conversation with them along with a smile can make their day. Believe it or not, they will remember this conversation for days and days! You will even notice that the way you think about life will change, and it just can’t get any better than that.

 The impact you have on each other’s personal lives

When you take care of elderly patients in NGO’s or nursing home services, you add to their confidence and comfort rapidly. They will feel happy with having invested so much of their life on uplifting the next generation, they are being taken care of with love. It is an important thing to do as well, as elderly patients will not be able to take care of themselves independently. You can add a change to their life by pampering them at the age, when they actually need it.

 You are making a change

When you undertake volunteering work at any non-government organisation, you not only get regular feedback about the work you do, but you can hear the golden words of praise and warmth directly from the elderly people you serve. It is worth any amount of stress or depression in your life. They may tell you that you are just like their family member and that definitely counts for something. Serving them also gives you the confidence to tackle challenging life situations relatively well. You may have experience working with children as a full time nanny or someone who has dabbled in being a live in nanny, but these experiences are nothing compared to working with the elderly.

You keep learning

When you serve elder people, it is not only giving away time for happiness and peace. You also learn a lot of things about their life and about them themselves. This is not any type of information which you will freely find in any variety of website or blog. You can hear from patients who have led happy and inspiring lives, or those who have struggled throughout but have learnt a lot in the process. Listening to them regularly can help you grow your perspective.

Job security 

Taking care of the elderly also is a highly secure job. It is because it is one of the few fields that are not only measured through professional parameters but measured and valued in experience and communication, also. If a certain patient is really happy with the services you provide, regardless of the cost to the company, it will be very difficult for the company to replace you. At the same time, a lot of youngsters nowadays are busy chasing white collar jobs, so the demand is always there in the market for volunteers or career professionals to take care of the elderly.


It is one of the most common problems of the working population that they do not get enough credit for all the effort they put in their work. And so, as a caregiver, you are involved with the population that will appreciate your efforts the most. Not only do they show their gratitude but their interactions with you are directly based on that feeling. They will constantly tell you about how good of a job you are doing and how much they value what you bring.

Working in the support services is an admirable trait and it reflects your role as a human being in the society. It is one such sector where there is an infinite supply of knowledge if you are ready to observe. You grow with your patients while at the same time, getting a family that never complains to you. In addition to all the positive vibes, you get a compassionate feeling towards everything else in life, and that only increases. And well, let us admit that working with the elderly is fun. All these benefits must be enough to sell the job!