Beauty Parlour

Tips: Feng Shui for your Beauty Parlour

Feng Shui (‘Wind Water’) is an old Chinese philosophy that’s used by makeup artists and aestheticians to enhance their beauty salon’s interior design or layout. Be it interior wall finishes, or the various itty gritty details that make your parlour more than just another beauty salon, it is important to consider a Feng shui revamp to uplift the vibes that your work place provides for its customers. Sometimes, the right application of foreign culture to business structures can create wonderful opportunities. Also, enthusiasts believe that Feng Shui decorations often boost harmony and prosperity. Let’s share some claims and ways of applying the Feng Shui concept of design in beauty parlours.

Understanding the Concept of Feng Shui 

Artistic Feng Shui is an ancient form of Chinese art that focuses on the elements of the earth and air. This concept of design can be understood by the elements that humans need to survive in a harmonious environment. The custodians of Chinese traditions also believe that Feng Shui elements create free-flowing energy (chi), good luck, and opportunities.

Applying the Art and Science of Feng Shui in a Beauty Parlour

Feng Shui might be a weird concept form non-native Chinese, but more beauty and make up salon owners are supporting their businesses with the spiritual side of this art. They enjoy the inspiration and science behind Feng Shui. Also, the use of artistic Feng Shui in beauty salons involves special colours and designs. Wall paints and beauty chemicals like nail polish, and hair sprays contain elements of colours and water. 

Enthusiasts of Feng Shui believe that with symbols, anyone can enhance the flow of wealth in their business.  However, these are some ways of using Feng Shui to enhance the comfort of beauty parlours and make your customer feel much more at ease while spending their precious time getting a manicure done.

Simply identify the southeast section of your salon’s space as the wealth sector, and keep a flowerpot of lush, green plants there. Instead of using plants with pointy leaves, the types with round, and broad leaves will bring prosperity.

It makes a great idea to keep handy objects that represent earth elements in the Northwest section of your salon’s space. Symbolic items like crystal balls, ceramic, metal statues, and clay vases promote relationships with clients, mentorship for workers, and partnership with other businesses. It is essential to set the right tone and direction for business at your work place as a parlour for your customers and employees remain a place more than just work. It becomes a part of their day to day routine that they wish to get more accustomed and attached to. A feeling of tranquillity and calmness can be easily achieved if Feng shui techniques are adopted adequately, keeping your customer needs and wants in mind.

The principles of Feng Shui require beauty parlour owners to keep their cash registers away from visitors or clients that are standing by the entrance door. According to this principle, installing an electronic bell that chimes automatically is ideal. When the bell’s sensor tracks persons or walk-in customers at the entrance door, it sounds to usher them in with positive chi (energy). Additionally, this entrance point should face the North section of the beauty salon. 

What Are The Five Elements?

Apart from the chance of boosting your business’ fame with red colours on the South section of the beauty parlour, artistic Feng Shui can come with other designs and attributes. Normally, Feng Shui works with symbols, colours, sounds, lighting and smells. These attributes are in sync with the five elements — Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, and Metal. 

Along with the adherence to elemental revamp of your salon, the consideration of other details of your business must be factored in such as having a suitable interior design and architecture for your business venture. Moreover, it is highly recommended for your salon space to have the appropriate essentials such as an epoxy resin flooring, for that bloom of vibrancy and shine, mirrors with lighting for an enhanced pleasing look for the customers, and a welcoming lobby or waiting area for the customers waiting and accompaniers.

The productive and destructive cycles in the study of Feng Shui shows how the five elements are linked. When fire consumes wood, it’s put off with water and the earth can alter the flow of water. Also, wood often grows on top of the Earth, and everything in this universe takes its form from one of these elements.

Creating A Perfect Layout for Beauty Parlours

Adherents of the Feng shui principle believe that colours have spiritual and psychological effects. From the simple nail polish, interior designs of salons, to wall fixtures; they all create a serene environment for clients. However, a cluttered salon space or one with tattered items will not create a balanced space for harmony. Avoid dirty mirrors, dead plants, and broken objects in salons because they often bring negative chi (energy).