When Will I Know if an Employee Deserves a Promotion?

Do you have plenty of employees but are a little confused as to when one may deserve a promotion?

Here are a few ways you can tell if they are ready to be promoted and take on some bigger roles:

A willingness to do more with a high engagement

The employees that are ready for a promotion will show different qualities, will have a high engagement within the company, be willing to take their role seriously and are driven by helping their company brand succeed. They may be going to further extents to develop their own skills through something as essential and beneficial as vocational training. This could include attending an out of work course related to a certificate 3 in business or any related qualifications.

Having natural leadership skills

Many managers base promotions on individual excellence. Instead, you should be looking for those who can naturally emerge into a group setting and become a leader. While an employee may be your star contributor, it doesn’t always mean that they can excel at being a leader. Managers should not only manage but lead. They can achieve their results by influencing behaviours, attitudes and the efforts of those around them. They often emerge regardless of their rank, title or seniority. They will have a natural intuition for what can motivate other people. The best way to ensure that you have spotted the prime candidate is to do an inventory of the talent you have in the company or place them into the role you want to promote them to for a trial and see how they cope. Alternatively, you could create some workflow process documentation to track their progression through the company.

Peer endorsement and quiet success

An employee who constantly demonstrates having a positive impact on business won’t brag about their skills or achievements. If you continue to hear an employee’s name and their success within the company and it is coming from others rather than the employee themselves, they deserve a promotion. The key here is to pay attention about what other staff members think about that person. If someone sits and brags about everything positive, they don’t need to be promoted just yet.

Supporting colleagues

There are plenty of things that come into play when you are thinking about promoting someone. Punctuality, loyalty and efficiency are just a few. If you believe an employee is ready for a promotion, then sit them down and ask them what they have done to help out their other staff members within the last say two days. This is an unexpected question and is a question that no one prepares for. The way they answer the question will give you a sense of their leadership abilities. Has the last two days just been centered around themselves?

Seal awareness and maturity when dealing with failures

An employee who takes on responsibility for themselves like being able to handle their own failures properly is often one who should be getting a promotion. If someone is able to stand there and admit to you that they made a mistake, they are mature and decent enough to deserve a promotion. Often admitting to mistakes means they will try to ensure it doesn’t happen again, which is another sign they will make a good leader. Admitting and taking steps to ensure not to repeat the same mistakes shows determination, drive and self-awareness – all the things you want in someone you are going to promote.

Self-Development of Skills

Often, the best person for a promotion could be the one showing enough initiative or intuition to work on further developing their own set of skills. They may even request your input on some workplace process development in order to increase their own skill set.

A big part of the decision is common sense, and most often, you will know who is deserving of a promotion. This set of skills may be industry-specific which means there could be a high possibility that there are no courses available outside of work to help the employee. An example of this may be a factory employee who is taking extra effort to ensure their own development. They may be deciding to stay late and further ask you for a key to the factory, hopefully for all the right reasons, to work and not sit around smoking their Cohiba cigars. Obviously, this specific example only highlights a specific industry, but there are always opportunities for employees to work harder in many more industries.

You will know who deserves a promotion soon enough. The person will eventually make themselves visible to you as a hard-worker and someone you can rely on in your business. Giving the news to them can be done through a gifted cigar box or a sophisticated pen, to make them feel extra special for their hard work.