neat white desk with mac desktop behind a mug and pot plants

Zen Ideas for Your Office

When you think about an office, whether it is at home or in a commercial workplace, you may envision too much clutter, cramped quarters and no room to breathe. But when you organize your workplace using design, any area can seem simple and calm.

We live in a busy and sometimes chaotic world so it is important to be able to escape from the stress of modern life, and it can be difficult to find a calming space. Office interior design is so important as most of us spend a large portion of the week at work. Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to design your workplace into a location where you are able to concentrate and harness your imagination? Well you are able to.

In Japanese, “Zen” refers to meditation. Zen styling is characterised by minimalism, purity of lines, and deliberate simplicity. You can offset your stress and operate in a space that allows your productivity flow when you plan with an eye to harmony and balance.

The following Zen design ideas can help you brainstorm how to make your office space into a tranquil area.

Use Natural and Ambient Light

Lighting can create extra stress to strain your eyes, in order for the most relaxing setting in your office, do what you can to include natural and soft light. Replace fluorescent lighting with nature-inspired lighting. Avoid using one overhead light to provide all of the lighting and instead you will produce a more calming atmosphere by using a mixture of overhead, ambient and natural light.

Create a Green Wall

Studies show that plants really make you feel better, and this is a plus when you have a stressful job. Even if you’re only looking at an image of a plant or greenery it can reduce stress and lift your spirits.

Adding potted plants into an office can be hard, however. They require floor space or desk space, based on how big they are. That is why green walls are so perfect for small offices. Using a green wall, you can incorporate the Zen of nature into your workspace without taking up any precious desk or floor area. And as they are artificial you don’t need to be worried about maintenance or expensive trickle methods.

feature wall with greenery covering the whole wall

Pick Earthy Colours

Vibrant, loud colours may be invigorating, but in case you’re looking for a Zen-like air, go for earthy colours. Besides, whites, greys and other soft neutrals encourage a feeling of comfort and calmness, and they harmonise together, producing continuity among the various parts of your workplace. Walls, furniture and flooring fit together in a cohesive whole.

Choose Clean Lines

Zen styling features lines that are simple and clear, so avoid picking furniture with lots or even excessive ornamentation of detail. This doesn’t mean that your furniture has to be stark or severe; instead, look for furniture that does not draw too much attention to itself and is elegant and simple.

Zen styling should allow your head to be free. You do not need everything about you’re calling for attention. Furniture is functional and lovely without being distracting.

Minimal Decorations

Decorations need focus. They must be dusted and cared for, and they draw on your eyes away from what you should be concentrating on. So, do yourself a favour and keep your decorations to a minimum at your office.

You want a few items that are well-chosen to deliver a personal element and to match your furniture. Pick items that harmonize with your furniture, lighting, and floors to ensure that they don’t compete with whatever.

Use Natural Materials

If you would like to produce a Zen atmosphere when it comes to your own office furniture and accessories, then opt for organic materials within ones. With a natural end, look for timber for your furniture, and for the upholstery, whenever possible select linen, cotton or wool. Stone can be incorporated within a workplace, particularly when it’s used in the flooring.

Most of these tips are DIY-friendly and can work within any budget. However if you are feeling lost in how to adjust the décor and design of your office space you can always hire an interior designer to help you find a solution.